SIB's Breakfast Club 2024 Game Changers

SIB's Breakfast Club 2024 Game Changers


Business Spotlight

About That Black Life is thrilled and grateful to turn the spotlight on another incredible business that's doing remarkable work in recognizing and celebrating African American GAME CHANGERS who've made significant strides in both business and/or community impact.

Who Are Game Changers?

Sibyl Holloway is an entrepreneur who strives to shed light on black businesses. She brought these amazing people together to inform the community that we don't have to look far to find greatness. From business leaders to social activists, the people featured in this photo come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. What they all have in common is an unyielding determination to succeed, and a deep commitment to making the world a better place. Whether they're breaking down barriers in the tech industry, journalism, medicine, advocating for social justice, or inspiring the next generation of leaders, these individuals are truly making a difference.

The Person Behind the Game Changers

As we look to the future, it's clear that this annual photo presented by Sibyl Holloway of SIB’s Breakfast Club will continue to be an important symbol of progress and hope. With each passing year, we'll see more and more African American leaders and game changers stepping up to take their place in the SBC photo, and in the history books. As a writer and fellow game changer (the first class), I'll be there to celebrate and uplift their achievements every step of the way.

2024 SIB's Breakfast Club Game Changers Photo
SIB's Breakfast Club Class of 2024 Game Changers
Bottom Row L to R: Antoinette Bryant - PMP , Shun HaynesAmahdy Bradley, CCISO, CISA, CGEITSuzet McKinney, DrPH, MPHRegine T. Rousseau , Dr. Marlyn Hirsch, FNP-BC, DNP, FPAKareem Pender, Dr. Tonya Boddie
2nd Row L to R: Carrie WalkerCharise WilliamsDr. Shanele E AndrewsSibyl HollowayJeanne Sparrow, Taitisa Joiner, Cheresa Purnell, Dr. Jacqueline White
TOP Row L to R: Robyn Lightle, Lovise J.John Fairman, Shannon Jones, Quentin Love,Terrence Lee, Saadia Carter, James Ramos, MBA, MSC
The 11th Annual SIB's Breakfast Club Game Changers are also known as "The Power Brokers." The Class of 2024 photo was taken by Lawrence Nalls of Forty Photography and curated by Bryant Lamont of ArtEpidemic on December 18th at Notel Private Co Working.


Grateful to Celebrate Greatness

About That Black Life believes in amplifying positive narratives and celebrating the success of businesses that contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world. Join us in applauding Sibyl Holloway for her dedication to recognizing excellence and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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